Sow lines

We have several sow lines at DayDream Acres in several colors including; Tri colored, white black, brown white, ginger black, black white, and Tapeka traited. Our sow lines include Tapeka, Aria Giana, Sally, Jenny, Wilsons Gina, Awakino, Rona, Kereopa, Rebecca Gina and Momona.

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Ruby is a Aria Giana X Boris sow. She is non wattled, but so far all of her babies have the. She has great feet and a nice wide head.

AKKPS 4163

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Sue is a Rebecca Gina X Tonganui. Sue is a non wattled sow, but all of her babies have had wattles just like Ruby’s. She has an amazing profile and a super sweet personality. She has had some of the most consistent piglets on our farm.


AKKPS 5203

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Sansa is a Jenny X Ttanekai. She is a double wattled large sow with a gorgeous face. She has given us beautiful babies we look forward to retaining a boar from her.

AKPR 4920

AKKPS 6226

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Scrumptious is a Momona X Mahia Love. She is my favorite sow on the farm. She is short and wide. Scrumptioius has a lovely face and an even better personality.

AKPR 6481

AKKPS 7464

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Prascila is a Tapeka X Mahia Love. She is Tapeka traited and produces colorful babies. She has a great personality and nice conformation.

AKPR 6886

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Violet is a Jenny X Boris. Violet has a super round head and a nice large body to go with it. We retained out of her first litter and will most likely retain from every one of them, as I have never seen such round heads on any of my kunekunes.

AKKPS 5367