Boar lines

We have several boar lines at DayDream Acres in several colors including; solid black, Tri colored, black white, brown white, white brown, ginger black, and Tapeka traited. Our boar lines include Andrew, Mahia Love, Tuahuru, Boris, Bh Tutaki, Whakanui, and Tonganui.



Benning is the one who started it all. He is an Andrew X Rona boar. Benning has a great temperament typical of the kunekune breed. 

AKKPS 4301

Snapseed 4.jpg

sirius black

Sirius black is an Andrew X Tapeka boar. He has a really wide back and an amazing tail set. He has produced some lovely babies for us.

AKPR 6094

AKKPS 6224

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Chester is a Boris X Jenny. He has an amazing head. He will be having his first piglets in the spring of 2019.

AKKPS 5369

Snapseed 15.jpg

Sir Anthony hampkins

Sir Anthony is a Tuahuru X Aria Giana Boar. He was born here at DayDream Acres and is one of the first boars for us to retain. He is out of one of our favorite boars Puddin. He has great structure and a beautiful head to go with it.